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Welcome to the Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum History web site! This site is dedicated to the Supra. It includes badges, history, catalogs and dating guides.

We have a massive collection of catalog scans and history that will help you determine which era snare drum is best for you. The earliest of Supras were badged with the WFL badge and first listed in the 1960 catalog so the drum was around in 1959 or earlier.

The Supra really is the "King of all snare drums" and has also been called the most recorded snare drum in history! It goes without saying that since Ludwig made 1000's of these drums that they would be the most recorded.

I have documentation from William F Ludwig II, an actual catalog that he wrote the production numbers in. This type of info will only be available to The Drum Experts Network of web sites.

So if you are here to determine if your Supraphonic is chrome over brass or Ludalloy read this article about the topic.

- The Drum Experts


5x14 B/O Badge Supra

5x14 Brass Supra Keystone Supra

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This web site is not affiliated with the Ludwig Drum Company. It is an informational web site for the documentation of the Supraphonic Snare Drum. We have a large collection of literature, articles and photos of this model snare drum. The Supra Snare Drum history section will document the drum from the early chrome over brass (COB) to the Ludalloy version and the differences between the two snare drums. Supra, Supraphonic,Brass Supra,Brass Supraphonic Snare Drums

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